1. Nightmare Moon, the Lunar Queen

  2. You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song (orchestral remix)
    Daniel Ingram, Felicia Day, Jyc Row

  3. Jyc Row Orchestral Compilation Vol. 2

  4. Daybreaker, the Solar Empress

  5. The Purpose in Your Life (orchestral remix)
    Daniel Ingram, Jyc Row

  6. The Final Showdown

  7. Luna's Future (Jyc Row 2017 edit)
    Daniel Ingram, Aloma Steele, Jyc Row

  8. Recall the Time of No Return
    Jyc Row, GashibokA

  9. Tempora's Requiem (ft. Decibelle)
    Jyc Row, Decibelle, Lumic4

  10. The Ancient Elements

  11. WoodLore - My Sweet Peace (Jyc Row orchestral remix)
    WoodLore, Jyc Row

  12. To Cloudsdale!

  13. Horrified (ft. FritzyBeat)
    Jyc Row, FritzyBeat

  14. Land of Equestria

  15. Fluttershy, the Dragon Master

  16. Conflict in the Sky

  17. Fire of Daydream (ft. Skyline)
    Jyc Row, Skyline

  18. Twilycorn, the Winged Paladin

  19. Jyc Row Orchestral Compilation Vol. 1

  20. Castle of Time
    Jyc Row, Lumic4

  21. Luna's Future (Jyc Row orchestral remix)
    Daniel Ingram, Aloma Steele, Jyc Row

  22. Ebony Bloodrose, the Banished Necromancer
    Jyc Row, Buck: Legacy

  23. WoodenToaster & Mic the Microphone - Nightmare Night (Jyc Row orchestral remix)
    WoodenToaster, Mic the Microphone, Jyc Row

  24. War Wounds {Multiverse War Sequel}

  25. Alicornae EP

  26. Hearth's Warming Con 2016 Theme
    Jyc Row, HWCon

  27. Toby Fox - Megalovania (Jyc Row orchestral remix)
    Toby Fox, BobGmhH, Jyc Row

  28. Legends of the Everfree

  29. [Timey-Wimey] Princess Tempora Main Theme
    Jyc Row, Lumic4

  30. So it's a goodbye...

  31. Trixie Lulamoon, the Great Archmage

  32. Multiverse War

  33. The Magic Inside (Jyc Row orchestral remix)
    Daniel Ingram, Lena Hall, Jyc Row

  34. M.A. Larson Boss Theme

  35. Archangel Sunset Shimmer

  36. Chrysalis' Revenge VIP (ft. IbeConCept)
    Jyc Row, IbeConCept

  37. Court-martialed!

  38. Pinkamena's Smile (Sachiko's theme ponyfied)

  39. The tall pony who's behind you

  40. We're finally there


Jyc Row Belgium

New Belgian musician who does brony music. Some electronic stuff, orchestral stuff and electro-orchestral stuff. Well, in fact, I do everything which sounds good to me.

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